This is an amazing album of meditative music which contains a set of the high-frequency sounds that raise you vibrationally, connecting with your Self



A Microcosmos That Will Turn Into a Huge Universe With Its Unknown Corners.

The fascinating hypnotic sounds, the fine and crystal clear notes will affect the secret strings of your cosmic Soul, penetrating the whole body with its high vibrations.

The deep and congruous harmony of melodies will create an incredible inner state of merging with your light source to help you to recognize your inner world. You will enter a trance and immerse yourself in an amazing space journey, where you will see a portal to higher dimensions.

The album also includes Earth Resonance Frequency (ERF), which puts the brain between an alpha and teta rhythms for the maximum meditative immersion. Of course, it is a wonderful album, providing an opportunity for deeper internal work with your consciousness and the negative energy accumulated throughout your life.

The effects of this music album:

• Relaxation of the body and mind.
• Immunity increase .
• Emotional stability.
• Relieving Headaches and Migraines.
• Creativity improving.
• Developing the ability to solve problems.
• Productivity increase.
• Positive emotions strengthening.
• Positive thinking.
• Physical abilities strengthening.
• Stress and anxiety abatement.
• Achieving a stable working condition
• Serotonin levels increase.

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  • EUR: 3.83€ - 8.75€

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The duration of each composition is 60 minutes.
The duration of all album is 360 minutes.

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