This music album will fill you with the healing light. We will scan the body, find the tightness, tension, blocks, diseases that are in your body, and free the body from any problems




The high vibrations of the cosmic flow penetrate into your cells with the light waves that are able to transform and harmonize the cellular structure of the DNA at a deep level.

Our body stores all the memories, emotions that we have ever had. If our emotions are unreleased, they are locked inside and stored in cellular memory.

Each sound has a specific rhythm that brings impulse to the different points in your body. With the help of this music you will enter into a cosmic resonance with a stream of the light vibration.

Slow and smooth melodies will fill all the body cells with a high-frequency substance of light. You will plunge into a space where there are no thoughts and words, where there is only deep silence and cosmic energies.

This healing harmony of sounds synchronizes all rhythms and systems in Your body. The melody transmits the cosmic sound of the light stream, which will heal at the first listening.

Theta brain waves are what we feel when we are almost asleep. Theta waves are associated with a state of hypnotic trance, a phase of sleep, and a state of dreams. When we are in this state, we get more abilities for the deep healing, training and growth.

The benefits of the brain stimulation with the theta brain waves:

• Stress and feelings of anxiety reduction.
• The body and mind healing.
• The immune system strengthening.
• Deep levels of the relaxation.
• Emotional relationships.
• An intuition strengthening.
• Subconscious connections.
• High level of creativity.
• Promt problems solving.
• Establishment of spiritual connections.
• Programming the subconscious.
• Improving learning abilities.

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The duration of each composition is 60 minutes.
The duration of all album is 360 minutes.

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