An unforgettable journey into your depths awaits you. The inspirational rhythms, mysterious notes and incredible melodies create a symphony of the vibrational renewal of all your DNA cells.



Have you ever asked yourself the question: Who are you? An ordinary person or the whole universe, full of secrets and unknown corners? This music will immerse you in the deep itself exploration.

She will help you gain an access to the emotional trauma, blocks and negative programs. An unforgettable journey into the depths of yourself awaits you with the amazing cosmic sounds.

Each of them has the key to opening the divine channel of the light, which creates an incredible symphony of the creator. In the very center of a limitless universe.

The dissecting impulses sounded inside you, helped to remember yourself as a multidimensional and omnipotent creator. My melody raises your spirit and connects it with the original source.

There are the huge vibrations that remind that you create the huge worlds.

The inspirational rhythms, mysterious notes and incredible harmony of the sounds will create a symphony of the vibrational renewal of all your DNA cells.

This album uses different solfeggio frequencies for the internal awakening and to achieve a higher level of the consciousness through the activation and restoration of the pineal gland.

This divine music was created according to the rules of the golden section.

I want to invest in life everything that is necessary for life, feeling myself, filled with the light energy.

The main goal and purpose of the life is to raise the vibrational energy of our planet and make this world more peaceful and joyful. Be open and let in the pure life force of your HIGHER SELF.

Be open to the high vibration and feel good! In the name of freedom, love and joy.

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The duration of each composition is 60 minutes.
The duration of all album is 360 minutes.

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