Privacy policy

 We explain how and why we usr your contact information.

What information do we need

We post often the useful informational products / services on the site, for the use of which you should to indicate your name, email, in some cases also your phone number. The number is used only to inform you about the beginning of the events which you subscribed to, as well as the thanks for the purchase of products / services. The company banned the obsessive phone sales and spam mail. If you provide us with the other's data, be sure to get a permission from the relevant persons.


What we do with this information?

We use your data for:
- Sending official messages
- customer Support processing
- Providing an access to the products / services information
- Prevention and detection of the fraud in respect to our company
- Newsletters and promotional information on special offers

Who gets the access to data

For the mailing lists we use the service It processes personal information in order to deliver emails in time and in full.

Identification files

We use cookies, the small text files created to personalize the visits records, the behavior study and the register of the people's actions on the site. You can switch off it at any time in your browser settings.