Partnership: terms and conditions

After the registration in our affiliate program, you get the opportunity to sell our products to your subscribers through your social accounts, earning 20% or more.

All you need is to register in our program, at the section LINK you can find your affiliate link, or generate an affiliate link to any product or page on our site. Below, you will receive a unique link that is assigned only to your ID and after that, you can advertise your affiliate links at your social accounts, blogs and sites according to the rules of this program.

If someone clicks on your link, our system fixes this. if a person buys something within 30 days, you will be charged the 1st level commissions in the amount of 20% of the total costs of the order!

After the money gets to our internal account and the amount reaches the minimum value of 500 rubles, we will transfer it to your electronic wallet, which you indicated in the registeration form.

Payment is made once a month, from the 15th up to the 18th day of the month.

Payments are made to the wallets like Webmoney, Yandex.Money, PayPal. You pay the commission of your wallet.

This is a great opportunity to make money helping other people.

This is an easy way to earn extra money. You just advertise our products and earn good money.  

Special conditions for our successful partners:

  1. If 3 or more sales were made through your affiliate links, then we will increase your 1st level commission up to 25%. for this, you should go to your personal affiliate account, click on the link "Write the author" and provide us with this information, indicating your ID, full name and mail.
  2. If your affiliate links have brought 10 or more sales, then we will increase your 2nd level commission up to 30%.
  1. If your partner links made 20 or more sales, then we will increase your commission to the 3rd level, that is 35%, and give you any of our product (electronic version).
  2. If you have your own active audience , the number of subscribers from 10,000 people, and it is targeted for our products' promotion, then it is possible to increase your commission immediately up to 35%. To do this, you need to contact us and provide all the links to your accounts, as well as statistics, so that we can make a decision to raise your commission up to 35%. If the activity of your subscribers is too low, you will get a standard 20% affiliate program.
  3. If you have saved up enough money and want to pay for our product, you can do this, just contact us. The main thing is that the amount at your account is equal to the amount of our product price without taking into account your commission. If the cost of the book is 690 rubles, then your account should have 690 or more rubles.

Read the affiliate program rules Carefully..

  1. It is forbidden to use SPAM to promote your affiliate link;
  2. It is forbidden to buy yourself our courses through your affiliate link;
  3. It is forbidden to copy in full the selling sites without our permission.
  4. indicate a working e-mail in the affiliate program registration form so that we can contact you at any time.

Attention! For the violation of the terms above and conditions of the "Partnership Agreement", your account will be deleted from the affiliate program system, and we have the right not to pay out your commission, earned in that way.

Before registering in our affiliate program, we recommend you to learn the partnership agreement.

 The Partnership agreement:

This partnership agreement describes the terms and conditions of the participation in the partnership program.

According to this agreement, the term "partner" refers to you (the candidate for our affiliate program). Wherever the agreement says “you”, “yours”, etc., it refers to the partner, and the words “I”, “ours”, etc. reffer to us!

The Affiliate link:
After the registration, we create for you a unique affiliate link.

You will receive the agreed commission for the sale of any our product.

In order to get a commission, the buyer must fill in the order form and fully pay for the product he ordered. The commission will not be paid upon the payment, but upon the receipt of themoney in our virtual account in the system through which the product was paid.

Commissions will be paid only for the sales made through the affiliate links.

the Payment:
We pay full commissions to all our partners once a month. We also leave the right to change the payment period. 

the Buyers:

the Customers who place an order through the affiliate links will be considered as our customers. Accordingly, all the terms and conditions of sales, used by us, will be applied to them. the Prices and availability may change from time to time. Some products may be took out of the sale at any time.

Site Requirements:
We leave the right not to accept to our affiliate program other sits if there content does not meet our requirements. this includes the sites that:

* offer sexual services;
* call for violence;
* suppotrt the racial, sexual, religious discrimination, as well as the intolerance to the non-standard forms of the sexual orientation;
* engaged in the illegal activities.

Also, the partners, who provide false information about themselves and their sites in the registration form, will be removed from the participation in the affiliate program. we guarantee The privacy of the provided information and never to transfer it to the third parties by no means.

We do not spread the spam by no means, and we expect all our partners to follow this rule. the Violation of this rule will lead to the agreement cancellation and the immediate removal of the partner from our affiliate program; any commissions will be paid.

The Purchase of our products through an affiliate link:
It is forbidden to purchase our products be the patner through their own affiliate link. An attempt of such an action will be immediately stopped by our system. The partner’s account will be immediately deleted.

We are not liable for the direct or indirect losses (including loss of income or information) that occurred in connection with the participation in this affiliate program, even if I was warned about the possibility of such losses.

You agree to be fully responsible for the possible losses during the advertising and marketing campaigns related to the participation in this affiliate program.


In the case of a servers failure or the payment acceptance system, we are not responsible for the consequences.

Disputes Resolution:
all disputes will be resolved as far as possible by means of negotiations.

We leave the right to amend and supplement this agreement with or without notice of our partners.

filling the participation form in our affiliate program, you hereby certify that you have read this agreement and agreed to all its terms.

when you register yourself in our affiliate program, you accept the terms and conditions of this agreement by default!