During the meditation, a person connects with its Self, getting an energy that, in fact, was always available for him but in order to receive it, he needed to become higher than world concerns, to reunion with a divine source. Why are people, who were once far from meditation, now trying to practice it actively?

Everyone has his own answer. Mostly, people are just tired of constant pressure and stress; they cannot find that harmony of body and soul on our earth that they required. meditation allows you to achieve both spiritual and physical effects. Whereas the meditation allows to achieve both spiritual and physical results.

After a few our meditations even those people whose life seemed unbearable and meaningless, acquired a second wind. They could not only exist but enjoy every minute of there life, to see the maximum of positive and good in most cases, just ignoring all the negative.

At the same time some mistakenly believe that after meditation a person avoid the reality. It is not true. Exactly on the contrary meditation gives you an opportunity to control your life. Not to obey the circumstances but create the life of your dream.



During the meditations you grow not only spiritually but also intellectually. You will be able to improve your memory, to develop abstract and logical thinking as well as the ability to focus on the important things. You will stop thinking with stereotypes, you will go with the stream no longer, as the undeveloped people do, ignoring meditation and its importance.


People, who practice the meditation, are able to maintain a self-command and self-control in any situation, even the most difficult. They do not allow their emotions, short-term desires and thoughts to control their behavior. When some people start to be nervous, take offense, became irritable, the meditating people remain calm and just ignore the external irritant.


Each person tends to act according to the situation, relying on its own experience. However, this is not always good. So, our current behavior will depend on the past disappointments, resentments and emotional burdens that we carry through our life. Whereas, the meditation makes it clear that a person is not just his past experience, not just his physical body, but something higher, spiritual.

During the meditation, you become free from the past fears, resentment, disappointment, anger and start to look at the situation from the outside. You start to understand better the reality and quickly find the right answers to your questions.


It is very important to understand that if you meditate incorrectly, resist all the processes, do not allow energy to pass freely then the meditation will not help you to cope with a depression. Therefore, to get rid of the depressive feelings, you will need to find out the source of the problem that will help you to achieve a deep transformation. To do this, you will have to make efforts and to work seriously on yourself.

In addition, during the meditations you will get the harmony of your body and soul, feel love, and realize your potential.

It goes without saying that for all beginners there are a lot of questions relating the process of meditation.



Многие новички не уделяют должного внимания месту для медитации, полагая, что медитировать можно в любой части дома. Это не так!

Many beginners do not pay enough attention to the meditation place, believing that you can meditate anywhere in the house. it is not true! It should be a clean place first of all from the point of view of the energy. Ideally, if you immediately choose a place for meditation and use this part of the house only for these purposes. In any case you should not litter around this territory with unnecessary items that will only distract you from the process. Dust and dirt in the meditation area are just unacceptable!

If you are going to meditate, for example, at work or on a visit, then you would not completely relax. When you acquire the necessary experience, after a few years, you will be able to develop such an inner strength that allows you to enter the desired state for meditation anywhere, even if you just stand in the street and wait for the bus.

In order that the meditation brings the desired result, at first you should find a quiet place in which you will not be distracted throughout our session. Turn off the TV, mobile phone and other sources of noise. During the meditation process, keep your spine upright and straight. The pose you have chosen should be comfortable. The “lotus position” is considered optimal for meditation, in which the spine is held upright and straight, but this position is not convenient for everyone. Therefore, you can practice meditation, just sitting on a chair or lying down.

Turn on our meditative music, it will help you to relax completely and get rid of any unnecessary tension in the body, relieve the accumulated stress, calm the emotions, stop the internal dialogue and plunge into a deep trance. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breath, taking smooth breaths and exhalations. If you notice that you started thinking about something else, just return your attention to the breath. Try to control the situation physically, but at the same time control it on a subconscious level. If you meditate with your eyes completely closed, you can go into the world of sleep. If you still fall asleep in the process of meditation, all the information that I transmit is recorded at a subconscious level, and your body will be restored at that moment.

It is best to meditate early in the morning, before the sunrise. The second time suitable for meditation is in the evening. In the evening, the environment becomes calm and quiet. As for the afternoon meditation, it can also be done, but it should not be so long.

Much will depend on how many times a day you meditate. If you meditate only once a day, choose the morning or evening time for this, but it is best to meditate three times a day - in the morning, afternoon and in the evening. The morning and evening meditation can take from 15 to 120 minutes.

Meditation is preferable to one, because an individual meditation is therefore called “individual”. In addition, your spiritual place is ideal for you and it can not be suitable for your partner. However, if the conjoints have one spiritual mentor, they may practice the meditation together.

Never meditate before taking a shower. Remember that purity of the body is not less important than the spiritual purity.

If there is not an opportunity to take a bath, then it will be enough to wash. Your clothes must be clean.

There is no worth. If you have recently eaten well, you will feel heavy and you will not be able to enter the necessary state for the meditation, therefore, it will not bring results.

That is why it is so important that at least 2 hours pass after a meal. On the other hand, it is also impossible to meditate completely hungry, because the hunger will always distract you. Therefore, beforethe meditation you should drink a glass of juice or pure water.

We are often asked: “What is there in your meditations that there is no in any other?”

Our healing meditations are effective from the first sessions and help to achieve such results that a person could not achieve even after several months of an individual practice. The thing is that during our meditations, a person is connected with the higher Self, with his higher Creator, with the Source. At the same time, the spiritual energy is received through the channeling, so that the highest spiritual energy from Cosmos is transmitted through a special channel, that goes from the mentor to each person who takes part our meditation.

You receive the cosmic divine energy from the Creator. It contains a unique transformational code that changes the DNA, your consciousness, and even the structure of the human body, eliminating from everything that prevented you from the happy life.

It is simply impossible to achieve such an effect on your own, because in order to learn how to receive the cosmic energy, to learn how to establish a connection with the Creator, you need more than one decade of your life. With our healing meditations, You can see the benefits of our meditations from the first sessions.



Meditation for the beginners.


Meditation is a spiritual process that needs from every person to have a clear mind and thoughts. It will not be enough for you to take a shower and clean your body because the spiritual purity is much more important than physical one.

Before starting the meditation, you should abandon the negative thoughts, grudge, and fears. You should not eat meat products before meditations, you have to give up any bad habits, whether drinking alcohol or smoking

During the day we always communicate, uttering more than one thousand words. As many thoughts (if not more) are flashing through our heads. During the meditation, you get a unique opportunity to stop the flow of unnecessary words and thoughts that pull you down. Instead of wasting energy on the conversations, direct it to achieve the spiritual harmony and the highest degree of the awareness.

The first thing you should learn is a proper breathing.
We sit down on the floor or a chair (depending on the meditation method). It must be comfortable. Straighten your back and close your eyes.

To learn how to breath correctly, you should choose one of two ways:

The first way. Try to feel your every breath and exhalation. Do not breathe chaotic and higgledy- piggledy. Try to feel every movement of your abdomen back-and-forth as you inhale and exhale. Do not try to control every inhale and exhale because you will not be able to concentrate on something more important. Let the breath be smooth, regular and natural.

The second way. Keep an eye on the tip of your nose. Instead of to control your breathing, try to keep in focus the flow of the air that passes through the nostrils with each exhalation and inhalation. You can say “inhale” and “exhale” in your mind if it is difficult to concentrate on them immediately.

Once again: the maximum of the concentration, but any control. This is an important rule to follow.

Do you want to understand how to breath correctly during meditation, as well as what pose is the best? Then get a task from us for today and watch the film “Spiritual Reality”, especially the part about the breath (from 10 minutes). Of course, try to apply the received information in the practice, using one of the two methods. Only after you learn how to breathe correctly you will be able to move to the next lesson.

Besides, in order to learn how to breath correctly that will cleanse all your energy centers, we have created a unique video program for you that will help you to activate all your chakras.

Did you know that every person creates his own reality?

You can start to creat your dream's reality today, right now. Our audiobook “Create a reality with the speed of light ” will help you. It will help you quickly to get rid of all restrictions, learn to manage your attention, listen to your own soul, as the most important, to achieve results that you could not even dream of.

You can get an access to this unique audiobook only on our website.

аудио книга создай реальность со скоростью света

Start to change your reality for the better right now!
See you at the next lesson.

Meditation for the beginners. 


We talk so often about how important the purity of the body and the soul, that sometimes we just forget about our thoughts. But just one bad and negative thought can ruin the whole meditation, reducing its efficiency to zero.

It is well known that it is impossible to control every thought. But you should not do that. Just before the meditation concentrate on what makes you happy. Remember how great you spent the past weekend with your family on a picnic. How was a great sound sleep after the prolonged sleeplessness? Any thoughts that are associated with a positive will good for the meditation. As for desires, they should also be let go, especially those that do not bring any practical benefit.

You should understand that meditation is a process of the connection with the higher forces, therefore it is necessary to approach it extremely prepared, without negativity, resentment, disappointment.

If you take the right pose, start breathing correctly, but at the same time think about something unpleasant, you can end such a meditation.

Sit back right now and start thinking about what makes You happy. Let off all anxieties and worries. Do it even if there are some problems in your life. Believe me, it will certainly finish, and meditation will make a tangible contribution to this. Just let do it.

If you are angry with someone, try to forgive your offender as soon as possible. Resentments have never brought anyone good.

How to tune in to the right rhythm and get rid of the negative thoughts? My powerful meditation “Erasing of All Negative Memories of the Past | Forget All Bad for 1 Rebirth Session » will help You.

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Meditation for the beginners.


“But I am already aware of everything that I feel!” - you say to me.

In fact, this is not true. It is a human nature to think by stereotypes that are often laid down since the childhood. Our parents taught us that we should keep away from everything that does not bring us joy, but do what will benefit us. But only the person himself can know what is pleasant for him, what is not, what will harm him and what will be most useful.

Of course, sometimes template thinking is useful. For example, the template “If you touch a hot iron, you will get a burn” will save us from the trouble. But in all other respects, the template thinking is not the best solution. In particular, if you meditate and try to find a connection with the Source, find answers to the questions that have tormented the soul for the long period of time and do not allow you to sleep peacefully at night.

To realize what you really feel, it’s worth look from the outside, from the “auditorium”, to watch the most interesting play in the world in which you are the main actor, director and spectator.

Become aware of your feelings with the following:

  • Take a comfortable posture for meditation
  • We start to breathe, focusing on the movement of our own abdomen or on how the air passes through the nostrils (see practice, day 1).
  • Try to understand what you feel at a present time. Even if feelings are not pleasant, do not try to act according to a pattern. Your aim is to learn how to be aware of feelings, both good and bad.
  • Treat your feelings without disgust or hostility. Just acknowledge them, the fact of their existence. More is not required.

Remember that in some cases even the feel of pain is positive, as it helps to get out of the comfort zone and motivates to change your reality.

How to stop follow the patterns and reprogram your own reality as you wish? To do this, I created a special audio book “Reprogramming of my reality.”

перепрограммирование своей реальности

This audiobook will teach you how to reprogram old programs into a new divine reality in all areas of life, such as money, health, relationships, creativity, spirituality and interactions with the outside world. You will understand the hidden and untouched power within you, and this discovery will be able to completely change your life.

Meditation for the beginners.


Every person tries to assess everything that happens in life. This is “good” and this is “bad”. This person is “kind and helpful” the other one is “negative.”

We are always worried about the future and feel nervous about the past. As a result of these unnecessary actions, we lose our present.

There is no past, but no future, that is why you should live in the present moment, here and now.

To learn how to perceive life without blame, judgment and comparison, it is important to learn ascertaining attention. The most interesting is that you can practice it everywhere and always, not just being in absolute silence at home, during the meditation. Each new practice will help you to feel better how to stop thinking about the past and the future. You will feel yourself more and more in the present.

For this practice turn on our meditative music.

Close your eyes and imagine that you are sitting on the seashore, listening to the sound of the surf; it seems homogeneous to you, as if you are hearing a loud, similar sound, a usual sound. After some more time, you observe the white light descends from the space and envelops your entire body. Feel the warm and vibration of the new energies of this light. Breathe deeply and smoothly.

The main thing is that you should be in reality here and now. When you can enter into a state of the ascertaining attention, you can concentrate on what is happening around you, not paying attention to everything outside.

Meditation for the beginners.


For most people, there thoughts occupy a huge place in the process of meditation. After all, no matter how deep our trance, thoughts still continue to circulate in our heads. Is very difficult to repress completely the stream of thoughts, you have not to do it. Just do not “cling” to every thought, trying to understand why it appeared, what is the hidden meaning, how important it is at this moment.

Your aim is to just to realize your thought, and ... let it go. Let it go and you will continue to concentrate on the process of meditation, on your breath and other rules. Do not try to respond to the thoughts and evaluate each of them. Because you just flounder and go the wrong way.

The more often you practice a detachment from the thought process, the less you attach ann importance to each thought, the faster you can “quench” them. They will just be recorded as a fact, nothing more. Do not take your thoughts as an obstacle to the proper meditation.

Мысли Your thoughts are an indicator of your awareness. If there are thoughts in your head, it means that you are not sleeping, and meditation is going as it should. Just do not give your thoughts a great significance. Some thought appeared, noted it and let go, continuing to concentrate on your feelings and breathing. Behave the same way with the following thoughts.

Human thoughts cannot be only positive. After all, the negative thoughts put serious blocks on the way to our happiness, and this is true in relation to everything that happens in our lives. Take into account, for example, your finances. Many of you lead a poor existence not because we are destined to live our whole lives in poverty. The reason is in your blocks, laid down since your childhood, and in relation to money.

Remember what your parents repeated to you:

“Money is the root of all evil”

“Living in wealth is a shame when there are so many poor around”

“You can not get big money honestly”

“Didn’t live richly, there’s nothing to start”

Etc. All these phrases are firmly saved in the subconscious, and now they simply interfere with reaching the financial condition that you have always dreamed about.

Is it really the end? No and no again! You can always remove all thought blocks that keep you in poverty and change your beliefs. Our unique audio program “Money blocks removal”will help you. If you listen systematically to the affirmations in this audio program, you can get rid of the finance restrictions and increase your income in several times. Money will start to attract itself into your life.

You can get an access to a unique audio program with any analogues, Here.

медитация открытие денежного потока

However, getting rid of the money blocks is the first, though the most important, step on the way to your prosperity.

Every millionaire is well aware that he could not achieve his great results alone, without the support of other people.

You will be able to receive support and advice from other people who have already managed to break the financial blocks, becoming realy happy. You can also communicate and share your experience with others, gain new knowledge and take a confident step every day on the path to your dream life, where there is space only for happiness, abundance and wealth.

Join us right now!

Meditation for the beginners. Practice


Each of us strive to obtain certain material benefits. We buy houses, cars, branded goods and much more, making the constant consumption the center of our lives. But all of this is nothing more than an illusion. Our society just imposed the idea that the more assets you own, the more successful and happy you are.

In fact, our soul has a real value, not money, cars, jewelry, clothes, etc. Yes, we can live in our own three-storeyed house near the sea, there can be a pool and a personal servant, but at the same time we will be unhappy.

We will constantly worry that we can lose a work and all investments due to the financial crisis; that a hurricane will suddenly destroy our house; that the old tree will fall exactly at the moment when we pass by on our Rolls-Royce.

We do not say that being rich on a physical level is bad. This is just very good. The bad thing is when you become attached to your things, making them the center of your existence.

Understand once and for all all people come to this world equal, God creates us in his own image and likeness, no one becomes rich or poor immediately. In the same way, we are leaving this world with the same “balance”. None of the billionaires has taken the advantage of their “immortality,” because you cannot buy it for money.

Your goal is not only to become wealthy in terms of the assets, but, first of all, spiritually rich. Do not depend on your things, because they are created just in order to make your life more comfortable. Instead, try to gain experience and knowledge for which the Creator sent you to this earth. From time to time do not forget to contact him through the meditation to ask for a advice or support. God will never refuse your request, because we are all his children, he treats all of us equally fairly.

Our meditation is a real gift from on high. This is a tool that will help you to gain a peace of mind, become richer in every sense of this word, get rid of a number of restrictions and even diseases. The question is how you can use it. Health is the most valuable thing you have, and the healthier your body, the clearer your consciousness will become, the more opportunities you have to develop your inner potential. Any blessings of the world will please if you are deprived of strength. Your skin, harmony, flexibility, eye shine, good mood is a reflection of physical health, as well as a psychological attitude.

Health is the most valuable thing you have, and the healthier your body, the clearer your consciousness will become, the more opportunities you have to develop your inner potential. Any blessings of the world will please if you are deprived of strength. Your skin, harmony, flexibility, eye shine, good mood is a reflection of physical health, as well as a psychological attitude.

In order to have a healthy body, it is important to correctly eat and strengthen it.

But first, it is important to purify and renew the body, if you did not eat healthy food before.

  • Do you want to improve the quality of your life?
  • Do you want to be young, shinig and happy person forever?
  • Do you want to live for a long time or maybe forever?
  • Do you want a clear mind?
  • Do you want to feel the flows of the vital energy throughout the body, overflowing and inspiring you every day?

Perhapse, you have never thought how food affects your life’s level and quality.

My wellness video course onsiders a nutrition not just as a diet system, but as an entire psycho-emotional and mental restruction in relation to food. Indeed, people eat mostly because of the emotions and habits, it is not easy to get out of this dependence.

People spend a lot of effort on diets, systems, rules that don't work, while the truth is on the surface. It is defined in this video course.

видео курс здоровья

You will learn how always to stay healthy and cheerful, how to improve the quality of your life and forget about most diseases once and for all. You will take a course of the purification, healing and rejuvenating the body, getting rid of 100+ health problems without expensive pills and visiting the doctors!

Hurry up, a unique opportunity to purchase this course will be closed soon!

Meditation for the beginners.


And now, we have come to the final practice, the meditation "the inner peace." Your task is to find a quiet place where no one will disturb you. Turn off all the external irritants and turn on our space meditative music.

Close your eyes, keep your back straight, relax as much as possible and observe all the feelings and processes that occure in your body. Take a slow deep breath and slow exhale. Feel how your body inflates itself with the air, and all unnecessary leaves you with an exhale.

Try to turn your attention to the different parts of the body, for example, to the right palm. Observe what you feel. Then turn your attention to the stomach or to the solar plexus, remember about breathing.

Start our work with our imagination. 

Now imagine yourself in an amazingly beautiful garden in which there are the most beautiful flowers and trees.

Your heart is happy to see such a beauty, you want to go to each tree and hug it as a beloved whom you have not seen for a long time. Your soul sings and is happy. Choose any tree you like, go to it and hug it. Feel how the tree hugs you as well.

You feel how it gives the pure energy. You feel an incredible relief as if you had just thrown off a huge beyond your strength burden from your shoulders. The longer you embrace with it, the more negative energy leaves your body, and your heart feels warm and happiness.

When the process is completed, return your attention to the body, move your hands and open your eyes.

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Of course, those knowledge that you have gotten in 7 days of the practice are only the beginning because the meditation training never stops. The most important thing in this process is not the theory but the practice. Our unique meditations will help to make a real breakthrough even if you have just become interested in meditative practices. They are always available on this page. Stay with us, there is a lot of interesting things for you ahead!


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Огромное спасибо! Благослови Вас Бог! Вы спасли мою вегетативную нервную систему уже в самом начале медитации по её восстановлению. Я мгновенно увидела источник света, Вы даже ещё не сказали про него. Довольно быстро я услышала звук разжавшихся нервов в голове и полтора года мучений и панических атак были забыты. Вы провели меня к исцеляющему источнику, вернули мне мою жизнь. Не знаю как благодарить, плачу от счастья. Спасибо!

Ваши медитации готова слушать ежедневно, это как целебный бальзам на мою душу, я давно искала что-то что мне поможет в этой жизни, у меня ощущение , что я встретила свою световую семью в лице вас. Слушая ваши медитации, я испытываю блаженство на уровне тела и души. Благодарю ваш за ваш труд, за подачу , за невероятную отдачу!

Благодарю за эти прекрасные медитации! Они действительно заставляют задуматся о нашей жизни и о цели бытия. Меня так точно!

Благодарю Вас! Ваши медитации действительно помогают, всех благ вам и вашим близким и вашему каналу!

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