We have an amazing opportunity to share energy with the world that will help each person to take its own soul’s way, find harmony, happiness, joy, abundance and love.

When you have been healed, you want to heal the world, when you felt happy, you want to make happy others, when you felt good, you want to share this with your neighbor. The source creates love through us.

We bring the knowledge that we receive from the higher civilizations of light and every day the flow of these vibrations increases!

New high-vibrational energies come to our planet, their frequency can heal any diseases, save from suffering, poverty, pain, remove all the negative from your life. So, we are the guide of these energy flows!

We are sure that the power of love and vibrations can touch any part on the planet and, moreover, reach other galaxies and systems.

Dear soulmates, all this is more than accessible for everyone. We are all creators of our world and we change the world for the better with our positive desires! There is an impulse in our consciousness, runs through the body, gives feelings and forms the words that correspond to incoming vibrations. The higher the frequency, the more pleasant they sound, the more powerful they affect You at a deep cellular level. We would call it not a meditation, but an informational healing stream that replaces the old energies with the new ones inside You.



This is an amazing process, unlike anything else. It is accompanied by
special feelings and emotions at a deep intuitive level.

All my meditations are a live channeling, a connection with the light source.

This information comes immediately, without the preliminary preparation and the written record. There is a desire from the heart and the information which we immediately record in audio.

In the same way Elan creates the space music that vibrates and immerses you in an amazing state of happiness and harmony.

Our healing meditations are high-frequency messages to the people of the Earth, created for happiness and joy for the good of the world!

With every new meditation that you listen through your subconscious, you will open the potential, presented by God, and you will see the magic transformation in your life. Life is changing right before your eyes and you feel this with all your heart and soul.

The energy of love and transformation enters you as a huge stream, and you will never be the same, every time you plunge more and more into the field of the creator. The negative vibrations will no longer overtake you, they will simply disappear in this powerful stream of the unconditional love!

We invite you to join the ranks of those who have already felt a surge of felicity from our healing meditations. We are sure that if you devote time at least once a day to yourself and your body, it will change your reality forever, including your life.

So let every day of your life be filled with the bright colors and happy moments. Our meditations will open in you invisible freedom, secret parts of the consciousness, incredible opportunities that have been hidden from you for a long time.



медитация на деньги и изобилие


People often limit themselves with something, their world is getting narrow and monotony.

Nevertheless, to live in abundance is a real happiness! It's time to change a negative mind to the new positive aims. It's time to make a choice in favor of the abundance!

It can be effective done with the help of our “Cash Flow Opening”audio system, because it gets deep into the structure of the brain and removes all old common thoughts about money, wealth, luxury!


Do you want to open the door to a new reality with the help of a magic key and become a creature of a cosmic level, a holder of the "Paradise code"!

You just need to activate the violet flame and merge with the Source of Divine Light. With the help of my webinar you will touch the divine energy, become a person of a new period, you will be able to influence not only your life, but also the life of the whole Planet. The violet flame will help you erase the “old records” that bring you only pain and agony.

Each day will be a real holiday for you, and you can take the most out of life!

медитация исцеление
медитация трансформация


“Reality Reprogramming” is one of my strongest audiobooks, which tells about the human potential, how through the “inner self” a person perceives his existence in the world. The aim of everyone is to expand their own boundaries of the perception in such a way as to learn how to create a desired life!

This audiobook will teach you how to reprogram the old programs into a new divine reality in all areas of the life such as money, health, relationships, creativity, spirituality and interaction with the outside world. You will understand the hidden and untouched power inside of you, and this discovery will completely change your life.


Many people believe in the existence of our “significant other” which complements us. Indeed, at the 8th level of soul’s density, we are the whole creatures, we have everything, both male and female halves. These are twin flames.

The more our planet enters a new phase, the more often the twin souls meet each other. Many people are shocked and they don’t know what to do with it. That's why I created the unique webinar how to meet my“twin flame”.

Such a meeting can turn your life into a real magic of love or vice versa, your relationship can be very difficult, right up to pain. Therefore, it is very important to be ready for this meeting and become integral inside yourself.

медитация на привлечение любви в свою жизнь
медитация здоровье


Our meditations will rid you of all the blocks, that have accumulated in your body for years, by a huge stream of goodness and healing.

Daily healing meditations will help your body to gain the ability to heal itself from the illnesses, poor health and the mood! All installations related to diseases can be easily reset and reinstalled to the new ones, as a result, you will get the unique health!


We have developed a unique video course “I am the creator of my reality” which will help you to understand yourself, to change your life and increase vibrations to the frequency of the light.

Everything, that seemed previously impossible and unrealistic, will be attracted to your life at the click of a finger, you should just want it.

медитация повышение вибраций


So let every day of the life will be filled with the bright colors and happy moments. Our meditations will open in you the invisible open spaces, the secret parts of your consciousness, the incredible opportunities that were hidden for a long time.



More often, two problems are observed in people: either the potential is blocked and the person feels the meaninglessness of his existence, or the energy is activated but the person does not know how to control it and does not know where and how to direct it correctly.